OMG! Did Evan Peters Just Secretly Reveal His Character In "AHS: Roanoke"?

27 September 2016, 11:36 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:35

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


It's been two weeks. Two weeks and two episodes without an appearance from Evan Peters in latest season of "American Horror Story". You know what that equates to? At time of writing, it's been 12 days, 288 hours and approximately 17,000 minutes. What did we do to deserve this kind of trickery? 

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Anyway, Evan's absence has driven fans into overdrive, speculating on who or what he could be playing this season. Might he be part of the documentary set up? Is he part of the weird colonial squad from the forest? NOBODY KNOWS!

But thanks to one of his latest Instagram posts, we're starting to get the feeling that Evan is trying to drop subtle hints about the identity of his character.


A photo posted by Evan Peters (@booboodaddy) onSep 20, 2016 at 1:17pm PDT


Last week - more specifically, Brangelina Tuesday as it will now be known on PopBuzz - Evan posted this picture of a ceramic pig with a caption that made absolutely ZERO sense when relating to the image. "But why are you getting hyped over a ceramic pig?", I hear you cry. 

Well... remember this guy from the last two episodes?


Here he is again lurkin' behind Angela Bassett... #SHOOK

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No one truly knows the identity of Season six's mysterious 'Pig Man' yet so what if Evan's weird AF Instagram post is hinting toward the REAL identity of the mysterious figure? Or what if he's just thrown a juicy red herring into the mix to keep us all on our toes? Oh god, we can't keep up.

Everyone is now low-key convinced that it's him though.







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