Did Evan Peters Just Confirm His Return To AHS Season 6?

10 May 2016, 11:00 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:31

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Please Evan, let the speculation be true!

Evan Peters took part in a Reddit AMA yesterday and he revealed a few cheeky titbits about his involvement in American Horror Story. 

But did he ACTUALLY just drop a hint that he has officially been cast in the hotly anticipated Season 6?

The thought of Evan not returning for a 6th turn in the 'Ryan Murphy House Of Horrors' has never even crossed our minds. Let's not forget that he wasn't actually on that stage at PaleyFest when Ryan invited everyone in his presence back for Season 6 so it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Just before Evan hit the red carpet in London for his new movie, XMen: Apocalypse, he answered a few questions on Reddit including this one - a valiant attempt to squeeze precious information out of TV's own Tate Langdon we're sure you'll agree. 

Evan Peters AMA


Could this reply be anymore vague, Evan?! What we're taking from this is that 1) he's definitely involved in the new season and 2) he totally knows what theme is. 

And once he hit the carpet, he confirmed the speculation in an interview with the BBC - even though he doesn't actually know his character yet.



It's not the first time he's let slip a few bits of info about his involvement in the super secret new season either. Back in 2015, he spoke with Variety about what kind of character he wanted to play in season 6, revealing "maybe some kind of handicapped [character] or something, that'd be interesting to try to challenge myself to play." Interrresstiinnnggggg!


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That wasn't all he revealed in the AMA. 

He also dropped a few juicy nuggets about his time on the show. Turns out, Tate was a real pain in the ass.

Evan Peters AMA 2


He revealed that his favourite breakfast is Scrambled eggs and Bacon. Classic.

Evan Peters AMA 3


And the BEST thing he's ever been sent from a fan?

Evan Peters AMA 4


Oh, Evan... 

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