Fans Have Mixed Feelings About "The Fosters" Series Finale

8 June 2018, 22:00

The Fosters Finale Brandon Callie
Picture: Freeform

By Katie Louise Smith

The groundbreaking Freeform series has ended after 5 seasons - but some fans aren't happy with what went down.

The groundbreaking TV show The Fosters finally came to a bittersweet end last night (June 6) but fans are in two minds over whether or not it did their beloved characters justice.

It was announced in January that The Fosters had been cancelled by Freeform and would be coming to an (unjust) end with a special three-episode miniseries finale later in the year. While the show didn't get picked up for further seasons after fans relentlessly campaigned to #RenewTheFosters, a spin-off was announced that will see Callie and Mariana move to LA and start new lives.

Over the past few days, the three-day finale event aired on Freeform, with fans getting ready to say goodbye to their beloved characters for one last time (until the spin-off, of course) but not everyone was thrilled with how the show ended for their favourite characters.


Some fans were pressed at the fact that Callie and Brandon, the two adopted siblings who developed a romantic relationship across the five seasons of the show didn't end up together in the end despite huuuuuuge sexual tension in the final episodes.

In the build up to the final final episode, viewers were CONVINCED that Brandon and Callie were gonna reignite their romance. In the second episode of the finale, we see Brandon and Callie almost have a reconciliation the night before his wedding to Eliza. After leaving the audience on a cliffhanger overnight, it's revealed that they don't reunite and Brandon goes on to marry Eliza and the two remain best friends.

People were hella mad about the whole thing.

There were some fans that were happy that Brandon and Callie didn't end up together though - because they're better as family.

And others had absolutely no complaints and loved how the show ended.

Luckily for those who were upset about Callie and Brandon, lest we forget that Callie *is* the one who's story will continue in the spin-off so who knows? Maybe their paths will cross again and Brallie will live to fight another day? They will be in the same city after all.

Anyway, RIP The Fosters, you deserved better, you beautiful tropical fish of a TV show x