11 Rare Funko Pop Dolls That You Never Even Knew Existed

13 June 2017, 15:19 | Updated: 7 November 2017, 16:49

funko pop dolls
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

From Matty Healy as a clown to Bert Macklin, FBI, here are the most uber specific Funko Pops you can grab for your own shelf right now.

Funko Pops, everyone's favourite slightly squashed pop culture figurines, come in all manner of varieties, bringing every Disney princess and Movie superhero direct to your shelf.

But did you know there are LOADS of incredibly specific varieties available, covering all our fave bands and TV characters? Well now you do, so lets pick out a few faves shall we?


1) Riverdale

This homemade fan effort lets you grab your very own Jughead to keep by your side at all times. Available for £40 over at Etsy store HavenThornCustoms (while stocks last).


2) Twenty One Pilots

Ok, so most of the Etsy options for this one have sadly sold out. BUT, according to the Funko Pop website, these are still in development for an official release. Fingers crossed it's coming sooner rather than later.


3) Parks & Recreation

Coming this July, all of Pawnee's finest will be getting the Funko Pop treatment. And, in a Hot Topic exclusive, you can even get your hands on the FBI's top man Mr Bert Macklin.


4) Stranger Things

Wanna terrify yourself in the middle of the night? Get your hands on this actual demogorgon then. You can even close the head in yourself for that extra scary effect.


5) Gerard Way

One of the more famous items on the list, Gerard is also available in Three Cheers... and Danger Days garbs so you can pick your era to match your mood.


6) Dancing Groot

Several Groot options available here for all shapes and sizes but, come on, you know you want the dancing in a plantpot version. Who wouldn't?


7) Brendon Urie

Courtesy of Fireside Customs, this Panic!-themed model actually uses the GOB Bluth model from the official line of Arrested Development characters. Who'd have thought eh?


8) Melanie Martinez

This PERFECT design by jaztheripper on Deviant Art really should end up as official tour merch next time round shouldn't it? Come through Melanie!


9) Jack Skellington in Santa outfit

Perfect for Halloween. Or Christmas. Or any time of year really.


10) Grey's Anatomy

Yep, even Shondaland is not immune to the charm of the Funko. Head to Ebay and grab these customs via Imagination Therapy. Although I doubt they'll be able to keep up with the ever-changing cast...


11) Matty Healy

God bless you Rohan Customs - you saw the 'Change Of Heart' video and knew what needed to be done. Now, can we have a slicked back 'Somebody Else' one too please?


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