'Game Of Thrones' Referenced A Meme & The Internet Lost It's Sh*t

16 August 2017, 14:39 | Updated: 24 August 2017, 17:03

Game Of Thrones meme
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Fans were very excited by the most recent episode as the writers threw in a sneaky reference to one of the internet's fave GOT-themed jokes.


Season 7 Episode 5, entitled 'Eastwatch', saw the long-awaited return of the character of Gendry, played by Joe Dempsie, who was last seen in the final episode of season 3 in a rowing boat.

Then, when fans asked Joe at the start of season 4 what had happened to Gendry, he tweeted this:


And so a meme was born.

game of thrones meme

Twitter: @HappyMrsRory2

Amazing work.

But now, he is back, Davos popping by to see him while he was in King's Landing. And how exactly did he greet him?

HBO, Giphy

Yep, GOT just referenced a GOT meme on the actual show. How very meta.

And if you thought for a second that the fans wouldn't notice what they did, you've got another thing coming!



Nice job GOT! You've always got our backs.