This Graphic Scene In Netflix’s New Horror Movie Is Causing People To Faint

18 October 2017, 15:08 | Updated: 17 November 2017, 20:36

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

WARNING: This is extremely gruesome. Can you make it through the entire scene?

In case you haven't heard, Netflix dropped their new adaptation of Stephen King's suspense thriller Gerald's Game last week and it's been getting rave reviews for how utterly terrifying it is. In fact, it's a film so horrifying that even Stephen King himself warned us not to watch it alone. 

But there's one scene in particular that has been causing viewers to faint, feel lightheaded and even throw up because it's SO graphic and SO gruesome.


Basically, the plot of the film follows Jessie and her husband Gerald who head to their country house so they can spice up their sex life. Gerald thinks it's a good idea to handcuff his wife to the bed (spoiler: it's not a good idea.) He later has a heart attack and dies, while she's still handcuffed to the bed with both hands (spoiler: told you it wasn't a good idea.)

We're not gonna put the full scene in here, but if you want to watch it in full, it happens around the 1:18:00 mark. But what we WILL do is let you watch this video of the Netflix staff reacting to the scene and thanks to the blood-curdling screams, we think you'll get a pretty great idea of what is going on.


Here's a brief summary: As the nightmare progresses, Jessie continues to struggle to get out of the handcuffs so she resorts to the most drastic measures you've ever seen in your life. She decides to smash the glass that was sitting on the shelf above the bed so she can cut her hand with it.

But here's the most disgusting bit, she doesn't just "cut" her hand, she uses the glass to slice her wrist so she can peel back the skin and squeeze out of the handcuff. All we're saying is the word that's being thrown around to describe this scene is "de-gloving." 

The whole scene is shot on a close up of her face and her hand and it's honestly one of the most horrifyingly gruesome things you'll ever see. We're talking blood, tendons, bone, muscle... And people can't handle it AT ALL.





Do you think you could make it through that entire scene without wincing or feeling light-headed?! Don't @ us if you puke. And also... f*ck Gerald and his handcuffs.

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