MTV's controversial new show 'Ghosted' is being accused of promoting stalking

23 August 2019, 14:41 | Updated: 23 August 2019, 15:42

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

It's enough to put you off dating for life.

A lot of us have been ghosted (when a person cuts off all communication without warning) while navigating the tricky dating world. Yeah, it hurts and you're left wondering what you did wrong but after some time (and lurking on their social media pages) you just give up and move on. Well, not anymore. A new MTV show is allowing people to get back at the people that ghosted them.

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It's practically the 2019 version of MTV's popular show Catfish. Ghosted: Love Gone Missing will allow heartbroken people to and track down the "ghost" and question their reasons for not replying.

'Ghosted' trailer.
'Ghosted' trailer. Picture: MTV

The show is hosted by The Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay and singer Travis Mills. The trailer is pretty explosive and sees participants having full-on breakdowns as they try and piece together where it all went wrong. "Have you ever been ghosted?" Travis asks in the trailer voice-over. "Totally left in the dark by someone you care about? No text. No DMs. Nothing."

It looks like it's going to be messy, with drama, twists and heartbreak at every turn. But is tracking down someone who ghosted you not a bit…creepy? Stalker-ish? Borderline harassment?


Well, the internet certainly seems to think so.

Ghosted: Love Gone Missing kicks off on Tuesday 10 September at 9:00PM ET with back-to-back episodes.

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