Ellen Pompeo Just Signed On For TWO More Seasons Of "Grey's Anatomy"

17 January 2018, 16:25 | Updated: 2 February 2018, 10:48

Ellen Pompeo Meredith Grey
Picture: ABC

By Katie Louise Smith

Season 16, anyone?

Pour one out for ER who is sobbing violently in the corner because Grey's Anatomy is about to become the longest running medical drama of all time...

Ellen Pompeo, aka our Lord and Saviour Meredith Grey, has just signed on for TWO more seasons of the show, which means (if it gets renewed, of course) that there will be a SIXTEENTH season of Grey's Anatomy.


It's long been said that Shonda Rhimes will only continue to make the show as long as Pompeo is on board. Basically, if there's no Meredith, there's no Grey's.

And seeing as Grey's is TGIT's flagship show and is still ABC's highest rated series, it's fair to assume that they would jump at the chance to renew it for as many seasons as possible. As it stands, Grey's has not yet been renewed beyond season 14, which is currently airing right now but with Pompeo on board for another two? It's pretty clear that we're getting that sixteenth season.

Pompeo's new deal also just made her the highest paid TV Drama actress. She'll get over $550,000 per episode (and don't forget, Grey's has 24 episodes per season so I guess, the drinks are on her forever?!) alongside a seven-figure signing bonus. As part of the new deal, Pompeo will become a producer on Grey’s Anatomy starting midway this season. She also will be a co-executive producer on the upcoming untitled Grey’s Anatomy spinoff series.

Ellen Pompeo, shantay you STAY.