Someone Made Harry Potter Cards Against Humanity And They Are Riddikulus

Harry Potter

Not sure how Dumbledore would feel about some of these...

We love all the classic boardgames. In fact, there is nothing we enjoy more than robbing our family of all their money and property at Christmas during a four hour marathon game of Monopoly. But when it comes to making us laugh, nothing comes close to Cards Against Humanity.

You probably know how it works but now. Someone reads out cards which set up a punchline and then you pick the dirtiest, stupidest or most outlandish answer to get the biggest laugh. Endless fun.


Well now some genius at Forbidden Forest Crafts has created a Harry Potter version of the game called Cards Against Muggles and it looks amazing.


The set contains 492 white cards and 180 black cards of Hogwarts-baiting, muggle-dragging and ministry of magic bantz. It will be exactly like you're cracking jokes with the locals down the The Leaky Cauldron.

Cards Against Muggles costs $55 plus shipping. At the moment it's only within America but Forbidden Forest Crafts' are looking into international shipping options so hopefully it won't be too long before we can all get involved.