The cast of 'Haunting of Hill House' were left "crazed" after filming the series

24 October 2018, 12:44

By Katie Louise Smith

Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Elizabeth Reaser have revealed just how much the filming of Netflix's new horror series has had on them.

It goes without saying that Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House is one of the best new series the streaming service has produced all year. From the confusing ending to the intense and physically jarring fifth episode of the season (Bent Neck Lady), the show has had people gripped - and terrified - from the very first second.

But it's not just the viewers who have been scared into submission by the story of the Crain family, the actual Crain family aka, the cast, are also shook about the whole thing too. In fact, the show had SUCH an alarming effect on the cast, it's actually taken a massive toll on their psyche.

Speaking to Metro, both Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who plays Luke, and Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Shirley, revealed that the horrifying and heavy aspects of the show caused him to start seeing things throughout filming.

Haunting of Hill House on Netflix
Netflix's 'Haunting of Hill House' has not only terrifying viewers, but it's also had an effect of the cast. Picture: Netflix

"Obviously you know, because we’re actors, we’ve got stupid imaginations. In prep I started to think that someone was sat at the end of my bed in the night and stupid shit like that,’ he admitted.

Following up on Oliver's comments, Elizabeth revealed, "I had no ghostly interactions but I feel like there’s something that happens to your unconscious when you’re pretending like this for nine months. It’s more not being able to sleep, feeling crazed…’

"There was like a week when all of us…we shot for nine months and I remember calling you [Elizabeth] one day and you just hadn’t slept," said Oliver.

Elizabeth continued, "I just can’t sleep because, like you say, when you’re drumming that stuff up for so long, you kind of get a hang-up on it."

Uhhhh, if we're all having nightmares just by watching it, we can't even imagine how terrifying it must be to have actually been there. It's the not the first time this has happened to cast members on a horror project in recent months either. Back in June, Alex Wolff told Vice that he thought he was suffering from a variation of PTSD following the filming of Hereditary.

Honestly, as great as The Haunting of Hill House is, it's gonna have to be a no from us.