13 ‘Hereditary’ Memes That Are SO Accurate They’ll Keep You Up At Night

12 June 2018, 17:17

Hereditary Memes
Picture: A24/Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

Here's a nice round up of memes for you to look at while you lie awake at night, afraid to go to sleep, thinking about Hereditary. [SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY]

If you haven't seen Hereditary yet, here's everything you need to know: It's terrifying, people are obsessed with it, it's got an INSANE score on Rotten Tomatoes and it was so scary to film that Alex Wolff, who plays the son Peter, thinks he's got PTSD from shooting it. If all of that doesn't make you wanna go and see it, then I don't know what will.

Just like it's horror movie predecessor, A Quiet Place, the internet has been hard at work meme-ing the sh*t out of Hereditary. From spoilers with no context to the sheer horrifying reaction that the film is leaving people with, the memes are fresh and they are ABUNDANT.

Here are some of the best - and almost far too accurate - tweets about Hereditary:

People are literally losing it after walking out of the theatre.

I'll never be able to hear this noise again without war flashbacks.

Absolutely fucking NOT.

Check all doorways and ceiling before proceeding. Thank you for listening.


You know what, this synopsis has told me everything I already need to know.

I guess I'll be pulling an all-nighter for the rest of my life.

In this house, we start looking for therapists who specialise in PTHD. (Post Traumatic Hereditary disorder.)

Hi, yes - do you sell holy water? I'll need enough to fill several Olympic-sized pools.

It is FAR too dark-sided for me.

This is AWFUL, how dare you!

You know what... I blame the cake for this whole thing.

That's it. I'm logging off. Forever.