Someone Edited 'High School Musical' Into A Horror Movie & You're Gonna Scream

11 September 2017, 12:19

hsm horror movie trailer
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Ever wondered what the Disney classic would look like in a whole different genre? Well after this, you'll never see the Wildcats in the same way again...

We all remember the Disney Channel Original Movie classic High School Musical as an uplifting, song-filled pile of fun right? Who doesn't have a soft spot for Efron attempting to play basketball and sing at the same time (two hobbies? Surely it can't be done?).


But one clever YouTuber has changed our whole perception of HSM forever - and they've done it 7 times!

The channel 'Editing Is Everything' have posted a new video reimagining the movie in 7 different genres, from Thriller to Sports Movie to Holiday Classic. They are all hilarious but our personal fave has to be the Horror version which imagines Sharpay as some kind of hunted teen while everyone else looks on menacingly and hangs around empty doorways with creepy music. Genuinely chilling.

Check out the full video below and prepare to have your Disney-loving minds blown: