People are shocked after finding out the age of Kevin's mum in Home Alone

4 December 2023, 15:54

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By Katie Louise Smith

"That house? that many kids?! I'm gonna do the Kevin scream!"

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Home Alone is an undeniable, timeless Christmas classic. Not a single festive season goes by without someone shouting "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!" at the top of their lungs, or screaming "KEVIN!" alongside his mum when she realises she's left her son at home... alone.

With Christmas in full effect, alongside the recent reunion between Macaulay Culkin (who played Kevin McCallister) and the legendary Catherine O'Hara (who played his mum Kate) at Macaulay's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, people have only just started to realise one specific detail about the film.

Kate McCallister, Kevin's mum, has five kids – Buzz, Megan, Linnie, Jeff and, of course, Kevin. While Kevin is 8 years old in the first film, his older siblings look to be in their mid-to-late teens. But how old was Kate?

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How old is Kevin's mum in Home Alone? Fans are shocked at the answer
How old is Kevin's mum in Home Alone? Fans are shocked at the answer. Picture: 20th Century Studios

Kate's own age is never specified, and for years, viewers have just assumed she'd likely be in her early forties. Married with five kids, successful, huge house in the suburbs... It makes sense!

But people are now only just realising how young Catherine O'Hara actually was when she starred in the film – and they're genuinely shocked.

Catherine O'Hara was just 36 years old when she played Kevin's mum in Home Alone, and some viewers think that she was farrr too young to be playing a mother of five in the film.

One viral TikTok with the revelation has now gone viral, and the comments are hilarious. Users are pointing out how different things were for people back in '90s compared to now. What might have been the absolute norm 30 years ago is completely different to how Millennials and Gen Z feel about things these days.

"That house? that many kids?! AT 36!? I'm gonna do the Kevin scream," one user wrote, while another added: "Bruh, I’m 33 and still don’t own a house."

Someone else wrote: "36 with a mansion and trips to Paris. Not today!!"

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