Ian Somerhalder says he lost his virginity at age 13

6 December 2019, 16:34

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Ian Somerhalder was a guest on Andy Cohen's Sirius XM show and told the host that he first had sex at the age of 13 with an "older girl" three years his senior.

Ian Somerhalder has revealed that he lost his virginity at age 13. The Vampire Diaries and V-Wars star was a guest on Andy Cohen Live! when he made the admission, revealing that he had sex for the first time at the young age with "an older girl" who was three years his senior.

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Ian Somerhalder, 40, was on Andy's Sirius XM programme on Wednesday (4 December), when Andy asked Ian how old he was when he had sex for the first time. Ian responded that he was 13 and it had happened during his teen modelling days.

"It was fun," the actor said of the encounter.

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - December 4, 2019
Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - December 4, 2019. Picture: Getty

Ian also revealed that he used to spy on his older brother when he would bring girls to his room.

"He was quite a Cassanova," Ian explained. "He used to have girls in his bedroom all the time and what I did was, I went in the bottom corner of his window and I'd pinch the Venetian blinds. I'd pinch the blinds down so I'd have a clear view."

He added: "I would get some hot chocolate, put on my clothes, my mittens and stuff. And I'd go outside and I would watch."

You can hear all the probing questions from Andy below.

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Ian also briefly addressed the double standards of dating when it comes to young men and young women.

"It's scary being a parent now because you know all this shit. You know all this stuff," he continued. "It's so vastly unfair. All my friends who are guys who have sons, they're like, 'Yeah! you're gonna get a date. You're gonna do this!' And all the dads with daughters are like, 'I will kill these little bastards.' It's so vastly unfair."

Well, there you go. Ian's interview with Andy Cohen was certainly illuminating, wasn't it?

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