Carly and Freddie finally get together in dramatic iCarly season 3 trailer

12 May 2023, 16:26

Watch the iCarly season 3 trailer

By Sam Prance

It looks like Creddie is actually about to happen.

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The iCarly season 3 trailer just dropped and it looks like Carly and Freddie are finally going to become a couple this season.

Ever since the original iCarly debuted in 2007, fans have wanted Carly and Freddie to go from friends to lovers. Throughout both versions of the show, there have been multiple suggestions Carly and Freddie have romantic feelings for each other. They've even kissed before. Nevertheless, they have refrained from ever actually becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Until, now that is. iCarly returns with season 3 on June 1st and Carly confesses her love for Freddie in the official trailer.

Do Carly and Freddie end up together in iCarly?

Carly finally confesses her love for Freddie in dramatic iCarly season 3 trailer
Carly finally confesses her love for Freddie in dramatic iCarly season 3 trailer. Picture: Nickelodeon, Paramount+

In the trailer, it looks like things between Freddie and Pearl are getting serious. However, at the same time, Carly realises that she is madly in love with Freddie. At first, Carly is in denial about it and she tries to keep her feelings hidden but, throughout the trailer, it becomes clear that Carly can't pretend that she doesn't want to be with Freddie.

This all comes to a head at the end of the trailer. In a romantic moment, Carly tells Freddie: "You're the person I can always count on." An emotional Freddie then says, "Is this really happening?" and Carly replies: "It took us long enough". We see them put their arms around each other and go in for a kiss but the camera then cuts.

Naturally, Creddie shippers are losing it. Reacting to the trailer, one fan tweeted: "The way I have shipped Creddie for 16 years and now they are finally happening for real!"

Another wrote: "creddie shippers it’s been a long 16 years but we finally made it".

As for how Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress feel about Creddie, they're divided. Speaking to PopBuzz in 2022, Miranda said: "I think Carly and Freddie are endgame. Nathan has a different idea. He thinks that Freddie has been working too hard for too long to try to get Carly to go out with him and that it's too late. That's what he's told me at at least."

Miranda then added: "I don't think so. I think that they should be together. We'll see, I guess."

It looks like the wait for Creddie is finally over!

What do you think? Do you ship Creddie?

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