iCarly reboot praised for its same-sex kiss in the season finale

26 August 2021, 12:45

By Sam Prance

The new iCarly has delivered on its promise to be more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

It's official. The iCarly reboot has just made history by featuring the beloved show's first-ever main character same-sex kiss.

As soon as the new iCarly debuted on Paramount+ this June, fans have praised the series for being more LGBTQ+ inclusive than the original. Not only does iCarly now star an openly queer lead, Harper (Laci Mosey), but it also includes references to same-sex relationships and non-binary people. Not to mention, trans actress Josie Totah has also guest-starred in it.

Now, iCarly has doubled down on its LGBTQ+ representation by including a historic same-sex kiss in the latest episode.

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iCarly reboot praised for featuring the series' first main character same-sex kiss
iCarly reboot praised for featuring the series' first main character same-sex kiss. Picture: Paramount+

In 'iCan Fix It Myself', singer and social media icon Dutch hires Harper to be her stylist, and the two characters quickly begin developing feelings for each other. And now just two episodes later, in the reboot's season 1 finale, Harper and Dutch admit that they've fallen for each other. They try to avoid starting a romantic relationship due to their work but eventually give in and kiss.

This kiss now marks the first time that a main character has had a same-sex kiss in the show. Fans of the original will likely already know recurring character Nora previously kissed a popular girl in an episode of the original series. However, this is the first time that the show has included a same-sex relationship as a proper romantic storyline.

In response to the kiss one fan, tweeted: "THEY KISSED OH MY GODDJFJFJS IM GONNA PASS OUT WTF". Another person wrote: "SAPPHICS JUST WINNING ALL AROUND I LOVE THIS FOR ME".

Fingers crossed we get more Harper/Dutch content in iCarly season 2.