Will Insatiable return for season 3?

15 October 2019, 23:35

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

If you raced through season 2 of Insatiable, you're probably wondering whether the show has been picked up for season 3. Here are the latest updates, renewal rumours, and big questions heading into season 3.

Despite a controversial first outing, Netflix's Insatiable returned for season 2 on October 11. The new episodes managed to avoid some of the pitfalls of the show's rocky first season, but will Insatiable be renewed for season 3? That remains to be seen.

The show picked up right where it left off, with Patty (Debby Ryan) and Bob (Dallas Roberts) dealing with the fall out from THAT shocking cliffhanger. There were no time jumps and no TV tricks to explain away their killer predicament. Throughout the season the stakes were raised to dizzying heights as Patty's killer instincts landed her in some pretty tough spots.

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It's safe to say, viewers probably didn't see the end of season 2 coming and Patty Bladell isn't the same pageant hopeful we met in season 1. With Bob Armstrong's situation looking pretty...dire and loads more secrets left to reveal, what can fans expect in season 3 and when can they expect it? Here's everything we know so far.

WARNING: Insatiable season 2 spoilers ahead.

Patty Bladell
Patty Bladell. Picture: Netflix

Has Insatiable been renewed for season 3?

As of October 2019, Insatiable has not yet been renewed for a third season at Netflix. This is normal, though, as it's still early days. In the coming days and weeks, Netflix will likely announce the renewal or cancellation of Insatiable based on viewing figures, which are never publicly disclosed.

Last year, Insatiable premiered in early August and was renewed about one month later. This is the average time frame Netflix takes to publicly announce a show's renewal or cancellation–though not always.

The good news for Insatiable fans is that the show does have a genuine following on social media. Its season 3 renewal will depend on how many people watch the dark comedy on Netflix.

When will Insatiable season 3 come out?

Though season 3 has not yet been announced, we can assume that the production schedule will look similar for a potential third outing.

Insatiable premiered in August 2018, was renewed in September 2018, and filmed in Spring 2019. If Insatiable keeps to this cycle, season 3 could hit TV screens in autumn 2020.

What is the cast of Insatiable saying about season 3?

Well...not much, actually.

The cast is promoting the new season on social media, however, there hasn't been much talk about season 3 just yet.

Chris Gorham, who plays Bob Barnard shared a photo of himself, Alyssa Milano, and Dallas Roberts along with a caption that read: "Season 2 of @insatiable is near...but let’s be honest...@insatiable 3 is what you never knew you always wanted. Just stay open."

What does it mean? Unclear! But fans should keep hope alive.

Will Bob sell Patty out in Insatiable season 3?

Bob Armstrong closed out season 2 in possibly the worst predicament of any Insatiable character. He's been pinned as the pageant killer by Regina and he knows all about Patty's victims but can't say anything.

Could season 3 of Insatiable see Bob turn on Patty and reveal what he knows? The two characters may be at an impasse, but we don't see Bob turning on Patty – at least not in the way fans may be thinking.

Still, Bob expressing to Patty that she should be the one in prison, not him, is pretty telling and is sure to cause some major friction going forward.

Bob Armstrong Insatiable
Bob Armstrong Insatiable. Picture: Netflix Screenshot

Will Patty go full Dexter in Insatiable season 3?

After killing Christian in season 1, Insatiable season 2 officially marked Patty's descent into serial killer territory. She now justifies taking lives by claiming her victims "deserved" to die or were bad people. Patty even used the last moments of the season to promise revenge on Regina for framing Bob as the pageant killer.

So, will we see a more murderous vigilante version of Patty Bladell in season 3? That is definitely a possibility.

"Nothing tastes as good as killing feels" is one hell of a way to foreshadow a darker Patty coming to your screens in season 3.

Patty Bladell Miss American Lady
Patty Bladell Miss American Lady. Picture: Netflix/Screenshot