People Are SLAMMING 'Insatiable' For Its Harmful Depiction Of Sexual Assault

16 August 2018, 15:51

By Sam Prance

This is not on...

If you've been anywhere near the internet recently, chances are that you've heard of Insatiable. Netflix released the new dark dark comedy about a formerly overweight beauty pageant contestant last Friday and since then it's already become one of the most divisive shows of 2018. Before it even came out, people were petitioning for it to be cancelled and now viewers worldwide are criticising it for a number of things.

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From fat-shaming (there's a lot of conflictual messages about size) to bi-erasure (some of the quotes are super problematic and offensive), there are plenty of things that the series is being called out on. That's not all though. To make things worse, Insatiable is also receiving a lot of flack for its depiction of sexual assault and there are two main storylines that are not sitting right with viewers.

Insatiable. Picture: Netflix

First things first: the series opens with lawyer/beauty pageant coach Bob Armstrong being falsely accused of sexual assault. After Bob fails to help guide contestant Dixie St. Clair to victory, her mum Regina falsely claims that Bob molested Dixie in order to get revenge on him.

Considering how many sexual assault victims aren't believed when they come forward, many viewers think that this plot choice is misguided at best and damaging at worst. Of course it's fiction but it perpetuates the myth that people make up sexual assault claims.

Not only that but the series also has a storyline in which Regina (who is in her 40s) is involved in a sexual relationship with Brick (who is underage) and, as opposed to treating it seriously, the show uses it as a punchline.

Fans are angry that both storylines haven't been treated with more sensitivity.

Here are just a few of the reactions.


Hopefully, if there is an Insatiable Season 2, the writers will take this backlash into consideration.