Everyone Is THIRSTING Over Kendrick Sampson On 'Insecure'

13 August 2018, 17:41 | Updated: 13 August 2018, 18:11

By Sam Prance

We're sweating...

'Insecure' is finally back. The award-winning HBO comedy returned with its third season last night and it was everything that we wanted and more. Not only is it as funny and touching as ever but it also gives us a chance to find out what's happened to Issa since Season 2 ended. Last we saw of her, she was moving in with Daniel (her entire apartment block was evicted) and we've been dying to know what's happened since.

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Season 2 opens with Issa still sleeping on Daniel's couch (the two ended their relationship last series and haven't rekindled it since) and working in a new job. She has taken on work as a Lyft driver to help make up for the fact that she now makes less at We Got Y'All. Most of the episode takes place in Issa's car, as she drives passengers from place to place but there is one passenger who is on everyone's minds: Nathan.

Insecure. Picture: ABC // HBO

Nathan is played by Kendrick Sampson (the beloved actor who turned heads in 2015 in his recurring role as Caleb in How to Get Away with Murder Season 2). We first see Nathan after Issa is caught in a predicament. Daniel is entertaining a guest so she can't go back to his place. Instead, she decides to do a Lyft run and invites Molly to join her. Nathan appears soon after as a passenger.

All is going well, initially. Issa and Nathan even flirt. However, things take a turn when another guy joins the journey and lights a joint in the car. Issa asks him not to but he ignores her. Nathan then beats up the guy (incredible) but worried about being reprimanded for it, makes a run for it. Nevertheless, at the end of the episode we learn that he left Issa a $50 tip (amazing).

Unsurprisingly, fans are already obsessed with him and hoping that he will become a major part of the series.

Some viewers have already moved on past Daniel.

Secure that man.

Others are simply showering Nathan with praise.

It's what he deserves.

There is plenty to stan tbh.

We already ship Nathissa.

A couple of fans are confused.

Maybe he is a little bit too generous.

And one or two people don't trust him.

No comment.

Most are distracted by how he fine he is though.

We detect no lies.

Cast members are even tweeting to confirm just how fine he is.

Important content.

And a couple of fans are doing a public service by sourcing Kendrick's official Twitter account.

Go forth and thirst.

Then there are those who are bitter that they don't have a Nathan.

The struggle is real.

And last but not least those who are asking the important questions.

This needs to happen.

Thankfully, if Kendrick's Twitter account is anything to go by, it looks like this won't be the last we see of Nathan.

Fingers crossed.