People Are Criticising 'IT' Fans For 'Sexualising' The Cast Of Kids

18 September 2017, 16:35 | Updated: 4 November 2017, 17:56

it kids
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Let's be real - a grown adult calling a child actor 'daddy' is pretty gross.

It, the hugely popular Stephen King adaptation currently in cinemas, has made movie stars of it's young cast, known affectionately as The Losers' Club, who all look set for big career boosts in the coming years following the film's success.

However, some fans have been pointing out on social media that there seems to be a weird trend of thirsty tweeting and general sexualistion of these kids from fans old enough to know better:

it tweets 1 

it tweet 2

Pretty gross tbh.

Finn had previously mentioned that people should stop calling him 'daddy' in an appearance on Game Grumps back in January while the It movie itself features storylines around the idea of child sexualisation in which Beverly flirts with a leering pharamacist and is implied to have been the subject of sexual abuse by her father.

With that in mind, many fans have been sharing their thoughts in Insta posts like the one below which has, at the time of writing, brought in over 3000 likes:


Pretty soon, everyone on Twitter was offering a friendly reminder that it's not cool to send out thirsty tweets about literal children:








The film itself already took steps to remove some of the more sexual material from the book in their adaptation, including the infamous 'orgy' scene in the sewers which has, understandably, long thought to be unfilmable.

It is in cinemas now with a sequel currently set for 2019.

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