The Losers Club From "IT" Might Be Getting A Spin-Off Netflix Show And We're Screaming

15 November 2017, 16:48

It Netflix The Losers Club Spin Off
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Could we soon be seeing more of the loveable kids from the Stephen King horror story?

Fans of the awesome horror movie IT have started an online petition to extend the story of the young Losers Club into a spin off Netflix series and, according to one of the film's creative team, they may be on to something...

Enzo Fleurs set up the page, entitled 'WE NEED A SPIN-OFF FROM IT MOVIE (2017)', which, at the time of writing, has amassed over 2700 of its target 5000 signatures.

Here is the letter that is addressed to Stephen King, Netflix and the entire main acting cast:

"The fandom of IT Movie (2017) | Stephen King is organising a petition for a TV SERIES (Spin-Off), we really love the characters/cast and we all need to see the characters of the movie in a Spin-off from the movie before IT:Chapter² happens.

A lot of bad things are going to happen with our favorite characters so we would be so happy if a spin-off from The Losers Club really happens and also if we could enjoy a little more from the characters in a tv-series!
Thanks with all the love and care from IT(2017) FANDOM!"

Well, regardless of what happens with the petition, there is at least one person who is very on board with the idea - IT director Andy Muschietti.

One fan wrote on Tumblr that they had sent Andy a message about the petition and he appears to have responded positively, even claiming that he already pitched a Losers Club spin off a year ago!


Exciting stuff - fingers crossed it actually comes to pass!

Meanwhile, Warner Bros have announced that IT will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on January 9th 2018 with lots of bonus features. IT: Chapter Two is currently scheduled for a cinema release of September 6th 2019.