"IT" Star Jack Dylan Grazer Has Apologised After Video Of Him Smoking Weed Appeared Online

22 January 2018, 13:46

Jack Dylan Grazer, Apology, Instagram, Snapchat
Picture: Getty Images/Instagram

By Katie Louise Smith

The 14-year-old "IT" star took to his Instagram to apologise for the video.

Jack Dylan Grazer, the 14-year-old actor who played Eddie in 2017's box office monster IT, has been forced to apologise to his fans after a video of him smoking weed went viral online yesterday (Jan 21).

The video, that reportedly originally appeared on Jack's Snapchat story, of Jack smoking weed was shared via Pop Crave's Twitter account and has been watched over 5 million times.

A few hours after the video appeared, Jack posted an apology video to his Instagram account where he blamed peer pressure for his "past mistakes".

He said: "Hi everybody. I would just like to clear up some past mistakes that I've made. It was a dumb thing that I did due to peer pressure at school. I have now realised that vaping and smoking pot, it's stupid and it's not cool and it's not worth it. I've learned my lesson and I've learned it the hard way. Please don't make the same mistakes that I did.

If you feel peer pressured or bullied, get help. But I just wanna thank you for the continued love and support and I love you guys and I'm sorry."