Does Jane the Virgin pick Michael or Rafael? Fans left in shock by season 5, episode 4 ending

18 April 2019, 14:54

By Sam Prance

'Jane the Virgin' viewers have been left in tears over this week's gut-wrenching Rafael scene...

Jane the Virgin fans are sobbing over the Rafael twist in this week's season 5 episode.

Ever since Jane the Virgin came back earlier this year (Mar 27), viewers have been desperate to find out if Jane ends up with Michael or Rafael. After seemingly dying in season 3, Michael returned in the season 4 finale. Now we've learned Sin Rostro kidnapped him and gave him electroshock therapy until he lost his memory. He's finally got his memory back but it means that Jane has to pick between him and Rafael and this week's episode shocked fans.

Does Jane the Virgin pick Michael or Rafael?

Jane the Virgin season 5: Does Jane pick Michael or Rafael?
Jane the Virgin season 5: Does Jane pick Michael or Rafael? Picture: The CW

In this week's episode, Jane finds out that Michael's got his memory back and immediately starts to question whether or not she should actually divorce him. Throughout the episode, she goes back and forth over it but struggles to come to any clear conclusion. All the while, Rafael is there, patiently awaiting her decision, and being there for her when Xiomara is rushed to hospital after fainting (she's okay, don't worry).

However, at the end of the episode, Rafael is flooded with memories in which Jane chose Michael over him before. He asks her: "Do you still love him?" She says: "I don't know". He replies: "That sounds like an answer" and then adds: "You know I got my memories back too Jane, you know what I remember: waiting for you to pick Michael almost killed me". He then says: "I need you to leave." I AM CRYING.

So yes. It looks like Jane didn't need to pick because Rafael seems to have broken up with Jane in the most heartbreaking way possible. He is not in the wrong (Jane did always choose Michael over him in the past) but he is also in the wrong for ending such a beautiful relationship (THIS IS SO UNFAIR). Obviously they could get back together but, for now, fans are completely in their feelings.

Some fans just want Jane and Rafael to be together.

All of this is fair.

Others can see where Rafael is coming from.

This makes sense but also I WILL NOT ALLOW IT TO MAKE SENSE.

Maybe Jane is in the wrong?

Let's not go too far. This is difficult for everyone involved.

Michael stans aren't here for Rafael though.

Okay this is harsh. The hospital scene debunks this. Rafael cares.

So everyone is team Rafael?

He has made several points.

No. Wait. We are team Michael?

He has also made several points.

At least there is one thing we can all agree on...

...the Jane the Virgin writers are monsters. Brilliant and incredible but monsters all the same.

Are you team Rafael or team Michael?