Joey King Revealed Which "Kissing Booth" Brother She Prefers And She’s Right, TBH

19 June 2018, 13:52 | Updated: 3 June 2019, 12:49

Joey King, The Kissing Booth
Picture: Netflix/Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

By Katie Louise Smith

Who is the better Flynn brother? Joey King has given her answer...

It's official - The Kissing Booth is one of the most popular films of the year. Ever since the rom-com dropped on Netflix earlier last month, the internet has been obsessed with Elle Evans and her relationships with the Flynn brothers, Noah and Lee - and we've been at odds with ourselves over which one we like the most ever since.

With so much of the internet still undecided, the question still remains: which Flynn brother is the best Flynn brother?

In the red corner, you've got Lee - the best friend. He's loyal, he's thoughtful, he will literally have your back until the day he dies. When you call him at 3am crying because your boyfriend dumped you, he'll be there in a flash with your favourite ice cream and a hug.


And in the blue corner, there's Noah - the hot older brother. He's tall, he's sporty, he will literally throw hands to protect you and fight in your honour. And he looks like a greek God. He's got a heart of gold but you BET he's one of those guys who texts you at 3am asking if you're "up".


To be honest, it really is a tough call. Thankfully for us, Elle Evans herself, Joey King has weighed in. Joey is, of course, dating Jacob Elordi in real life so her answer is probably not the one you were expecting. Or maybe it was?! Who knows, all we know is - some of you are gonna disagree.

When asked by Seventeen who the better Flynn brother was, Joey said: "Omg, you can’t do this to me! They’re both going to kill me. Ok, I’m going to say the better Flynn brother is probably Lee because Elle and Lee have been friends since birth and Lee has always, always been there for her. Noah is amazing, too. He’s more of a new thing because now he’s just realizing how awesome Elle is, when Lee already knew all along how awesome she was."

"Lee already knew all along how awesome she was." I'm sobbing. Well, friends, it looks like we have our Kissing Booth king but I think we can all agree that the REAL winner here, is Elle Evans.