Watch Josie And The Pussycats' Full "Milkshake" Performance On 'Riverdale'

19 October 2017, 11:18 | Updated: 19 October 2017, 11:22

Josie and The Pussycats Milkshake asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

We've pretty much always believed that the inclusion of Josie and The Pussycats was one of Riverdale's better creative choices. From turning the girls into community touchstones, to having them perform at every Riverdale prestige event, the more we see of the girls, the more we love them. 

Riverdale season 2, episode 2 (Nighthawks) gave us the Josie comeback we've been waiting for and it couldn't have been more perfect. 

Two-thirds of the Pussycats + Cheryl Blossom teamed up to give Kelis' "Milkshake" (2003) a retro 50s feel. We're sure we're not alone in thinking that those harmonies are SERIOUSLY iconic. How do we arrange it so that this is the first thing we hear every morning and the last thing we hear at night?

A song about getting hot and heavy never sounded so sweet and we're 100% sure that this performance is actually what saved Pop's Diner. 

So, how does the cover of "Milkshake" compare to Kelis' original?

You tell us if Josie and The Pussycats (+Cheryl) did Kelis proud.