Over 90,000 fans sign Julie and the Phantoms petition to save the cancelled Netflix show

22 December 2021, 15:53

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By Sam Prance

Julie and the Phantoms has not been renewed for season 2 by Netflix and fans are demanding that they bring it back.

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Julie and the Phantoms may have been cancelled by Netflix but thousands of fans have now signed a petition to save the show.

Over the weekend (Dec 18), Julie and the Phantoms showrunner Kenny Ortega took to Instagram to confirm that Netflix had decided no to renew the show. He wrote: "Our [Julie and the Phantoms] family want to send our love and endless thanks to our Fantoms all over the world for the tremendous outpouring of love and support you have shown us since our premiere."

Kenny continued by writing: "We learned this week that Netflix will not be picking us up for another season. Although our hearts are saddened, we move on with such pride for what we accomplished as a team and the family we built while creating Julie. We hope you will continue to follow us as we move forward with our work and careers."

Naturally, fans are sad to hear that there won't be a Julie season 2 and they've even set up a viral petition to bring it back.

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Julie and the Phantoms season 2: Sign petition to save the cancelled show
Julie and the Phantoms season 2: Sign petition to save the cancelled show. Picture: Netflix

The petition is titled: "We want season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms" and over 93,000 people have currently signed it. In the description, Julie fan Rebecca den Boer writes: "We want season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms. This show has brought so many people so much happiness and has inspired so many to follow their dreams."


Rebecca then adds: "We all really want to see more of this amazing show, cast and crew. Make sure to use the hashtag #wewantseason2jatp on Instagram".

Julie and the Phantoms debuted on Netflix last September to widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. The show tells the story of a teenage girl who forms a band with three ghosts while coping with the loss of her dead mother. It's hilarious, moving and it also has great LGBTQ+ representation.

As it stands, Netflix have not specified why the show was cancelled. We shall update you if they do. In the meantime, let's get signing and sharing fantoms!

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