Keiynan Lonsdale Won Best Kiss at The MTV Movie & TV Awards And His Speech Was SO Important

19 June 2018, 13:36

Keiynan Lonsdale
Keiynan Lonsdale. Picture: Kevin Winter/Getty Images // 20th Century Fox

By Sam Prance

You NEED to hear this...

The MTV Movie & TV Awards were aired last night and it's safe to say that they were pretty major. Not only did Black Panther and Stranger Things win multiple awards but there were also standout performances by stars such as Chloe x Halle and Nick Jonas.

To make things even more exciting, Keiynan Lonsdale and Nick Robinson took home the coveted prize for Best Kiss thanks to their groundbreaking romance as Simon and Bram in Love, Simon.

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Unfortunately, Nick Robinson couldn't be there to collect the award with Keiynan due to filming commitments but Keiynan more than made up for it with a stunning acceptance speech. The Legends of Tomorrow star said: "To every kid, you can live your dreams and wear dresses. You can live your dreams and kiss the one that you love, no matter what gender they are. You can live your dreams and believe in magic." OUR HEARTS.

Unsurprisingly the internet was quick to react to Keiynan's words with praise.

Some were completely overcome with joy.

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

Others thought that the speech acted as proof that no-one other than Keiynan could have played Bram in Love, Simon.

Literally though. Who else could play him?

A couple of fans made the argument that the win was proof that 20GayTeen is giving the gays everything they want.

Where is the lie?

A few viewers even pointed out that it wasn't just the speech that was amazing but the reactions to it.

We shall stan Lena Waithe and Finn Wolfhard until the end of time.

Then there were those who were disappointed that we were deprived of another Nick and Keiynan on screen moment.


Thankfully Keiynan more than made up for it, not just with his speech, but the revelation that he and Nick were texting about the nomination as soon as they found out about it.

We love them so much.

Nick and Keiynan's win marks the second year in a row that a same-sex kiss between two queer characters has won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Last year Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome won for their poignant kiss in Moonlight. We couldn't be happier for both films. There's no question that they deserve it.

Kisstory in the making.