WATCH: “AHS" Just Dropped A Teaser Featuring Lady Gaga’s New Song And We Are Screaming

9 September 2016, 10:49 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:33

Lady Gaga American Horror Story Trailer
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

It's already in a NEW promo for the much anticipated sixth season!

The world was shook last night (Sept 9.) when Lady Gaga finally dropped her first PROPER new single, "Perfect Illusion", since the ARTPOP era. It had been over 1000 days and boy, was it worth it the wait.

Shortly after the song was dropped so beautifully into the world - and while weaves were getting snatched on the streets and in the charts - there was a stirring in the "American Horror Story" camp, hinting yet again at the theme and concept of it's secret sixth season. 

They went and dropped a BRAND NEW trailer that united all the teasers - plus a few interesting new ones - to the soundtrack of Gaga's new "Perfect Illusion".


It fits SO perfectly, and thanks to the caption, we're starting to actually wonder if it was planned all along.


It makes sense, right? Every single one of these trailers has been an illusion to the ~actual~ theme. The song and it's tone fit way too perfectly into the narrative of the teasers too. Not to mention the timing: five days before the season premiere is a perfect time to release a high profile theme song and get that promo for both single and show. 

That's not the only link between "American Horror Story" and "Perfect Illusion" though. Back when Gaga announced she was writing a new album, she cited inspiration from the one and only Countess. It's all slowly starting to make sense. She's been in on it this whole time!


Forget what you heard about Taylor Kinney being the inspiration, this song is 100% about these the trailer campaign for AHS Season 6, we're TELLING you! (LOL jk, it's probably not but we're really feeling that guitar riff as the official theme for AHSS6.)


One thing is for sure, we'll never be able to stan as hard for Gaga the way "American Horror Story" does. Get that promo, Sis! 

Listen to "Perfect Illusion" right here: