Does Last Christmas have a devastating plot twist? Here are the best theories

15 August 2019, 17:02 | Updated: 16 August 2019, 13:23

By Katie Louise Smith

Henry Golding's character is a ghost. Calling it now.

It might be August but like that ever stopped anyone from diving head first into the Festive™ spirit and completely losing it over the trailer to a new Christmas film.

Dropping yesterday (Aug 14), the first look at Last Christmas, starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, sent the internet into absolute meltdown. A new Christmas romcom?! Starring Khaleesi and dream husband Nick Young from Crazy Rich Asians?! SIGN ME UP!

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This film has everything: people dressed as elves, fairy lights, carol singing, fake snow, George Michael songs, an empty ice skating rink, London looking suspiciously uncrowded during the holiday season... It's all very Love Actually.

It also appears to hint at an absolutely devastating plot twist involving Emilia's character - and the internet is hellbent on trying to figure out what it is.

Is Henry Golding a ghost in Last Christmas?
Is Henry Golding a ghost in Last Christmas? Picture: Universal Pictures

The film follows Kate (Clarke), a depressed woman who works a dead end job in a Christmas store and who keeps bumping into the same guy, Tom (Golding). In the trailer, it's revealed that Kate was once really sick and she nearly died. She's not doing well currently and has recently missed 5 doctor's appointments... Red flag number one.

Several other lines of dialogue in the trailer have sparked theories about whether or not Tom is actually a real person. At one point, Kate says "why don't you just get 'saint' tattooed on your forehead?" which is a real subtle way of hinting that he already *is* a saint, isn't it?

She also says "I've been trying to find you but you keep disappearing and then when I do bump into you - accidentally I might add..." But as Tom says... it's not accidental. Is it fate? Or is it because HE'S A FIGMENT OF HER IMAGINATION?!

Last Christmas is inspired by Wham!'s festive classic of the same name, which contains the lyrics 'Last Christmas, I gave you my heart...' is being taken quite literally by some people too. Is Tom is the organ donor who saved Kate's life by donating his actual heart?

Maybe they're both ghosts?! But does that mean Michelle Yeoh is a ghost too?

He! doesn't! interact! with! anyone! else!

Can't decide if I would be mad or impressed with this twist?

Either way, we are going TEARS and I'm not ready.

What if Emma Thompson is literally just trying to make us all happy and we've ruined it by expecting the worst?

No other man could pull this off other than Henry Golding to be fair.

You've got 3 months to get your theories in order - Last Christmas arrives in cinemas on 15th November 2019.