Lauren Cohan Will Exit "The Walking Dead" In The Middle Of Season 9

5 June 2018, 12:08

Lauren Cohan Leaving The Walking Dead Season 9
Picture: AMC

By Katie Louise Smith

Cohan follows lead actor Andrew Lincoln as the second huge cast member to leave the show after 9 seasons.

Start saying your goodbyes to your beloved Maggie Rhee because it's now been confirmed that Lauren Cohan will be leaving The Walking Dead in season 9. Cohan will leave after just six episodes of the new season.

Last week, it was revealed that Andrew Lincoln, who has played the lead role of Rick Grimes on the show for the last 9 years, would also be written out the show during the ninth season.


There's been a lot of speculation about Cohan's future on the show for a while now after it was revealed that the actress was still trying to secure a better contract deal with AMC. With her departure, it's assumed that those negotiations fell through. The Hollywood Reporter also reports that now Whiskey Cavalier (Cohan's new show) has been picked up by ABC, the door has effectively been "closed... on Cohan's full-time return to the series".

So, how will Maggie leave the show? Nothing's been confirmed yet but there's been lot's of speculation from fans on Twitter and Reddit. Will Negan be involved with her departure? Will she have something to do with Rick's departure? To be honest, all signs point to her death but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Whatever happens, it's been real. Peace out, my good sis Maggie. You deserved better.