Someone "Leaked" Leo DiCaprio's Oscar Speech And SPOILER ALERT: It Is Glorious

26 February 2016, 12:28 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Leo Oscar Asset
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


The time has come, humans. 

If all goes according to the internet's plan on Oscar night, Leonardo DiCaprio will never have to hear the words 'Academy Award Nominee' before his name ever again. The very moment presenter Julianne Moore drops that first syllable, he will be known as Academy Award WINNER for the rest of eternity. And we will all rejoice for our work will be done.

He will take to the stage and stand in front of the mic, naked golden shiny man finally in his grasp and he will begin his speech. What he say? Maybe he'll just stand in silence and make uncomfortable eye contact with all those that beat him in the past? Maybe he'll just say "Cheers", walk off stage and never be seen in Hollywood ever again? 

WELL... some sneaky soul has seemingly incepted Leo while he was sleeping and managed to leak his entire Oscars Acceptance Speech. SPOILER ALERT: It's sweary, it's cry-y, it's laugh-y and it's magnificent. (And it may or may not be totally fake) Watch it below. 

Ok, so we were just kidding but let's be real... the person who made this should probably be given Leo’s Oscar by default. GENIUS! #PrayForLeo #NeverLetGoOfTheMeme