Are Amber and Barnett from Love Is Blind still married?

28 February 2020, 16:44

By Sophie Thompson

Netflix's Love Is Blind dating show saw three out of the initial eight engaged couples get married. But where are they now? We take a look at who is still together.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett getting married during the final episode of Netflix's Love Is Blind was arguably the biggest shock of the series. A couple that had a lot of ups and downs during the show, Barnett went missing on the morning of the wedding, but they eventually tied the knot and became husband and wife.

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Initially, there were doubts as to if they'd even make it to getting engaged, with Barnett having his eyes set on other girls including LC and Jessica (who ended up with Mark), but after some heated discussions about money, he chose Amber - and with the reunion incoming, it'll be interesting to see the outcome once they're all back in the same room.

Love Is Blind's Amber and Barnett were one of three couples to get married in the final episode.
Love Is Blind's Amber and Barnett were one of three couples to get married in the final episode. . Picture: NETFLIX

Are Amber and Barnett still together?

It looks like it. Despite posting pictures without their wedding rings (presumably to keep things under wraps while the show was released), they've both been posting photos in the same locations at the same time.

Back in September, they both appeared to attend Dragon Con and posted very similar Instagram captions. Although this could well be a coincidence, we'd love to know why they were also both in Rome at the same time with no one else in each of their photos. A romantic getaway for two, perhaps? We bet the couple pics are hidden firmly in their camera rolls.

We also recently sussed that the pair were wearing the same hat on their separate Instagram accounts as they celebrated 4th July in the same beach location...

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Happy birthday America! 🇺🇸😘

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In a recent interview with Bustle, both of them spoke about how positive the experience was for them and how happy they were with the outcome of the show - something we can't imagine will be coming from the mouths of Diamond and Carlton.

Amber said: "I think it's a process we were kind of both taking for granted in the beginning and then it just kind of like, wow, this is a real deal," while Barnett admitted they probably wouldn't have connected so well had they first met in the real world. "We talked about this before… [that] if we had met each other on the street, we might have had, like, a fun fling, but it never would have developed into anything," he said.

We'll have to wait for the reunion special to premiere on YouTube on 5th March for them to admit their fate, but we're already stanning.