Love, Victor fans think they know who Victor picks out of Benji and Rahim

14 June 2021, 17:30

By Sam Prance

Does Victor choose Benji or Rahim? Here's everything we know about that cliffhanger including what the cast have said.

Love, Victor season 2 is finally here and it ends with a cliffhanger involving Victor, Benji and a new love interest called Rahim.

After coming out at the end of the first season of Love, Victor, season 2 sees Victor start a relationship with Benji and enjoy dating his first boyfriend. However, Victor and Benji's relationship faces many obstacles. Victor's mum struggles to accept that he's gay, Benji doesn't understand the cultural differences between the two of them and Rahim enters the picture.

Season 2 ends with Victor choosing between Benji and Rahim and fans think an easter egg proves exactly who he picks.

Who does Victor end up with in Love, Victor?

Love, Victor season 3: Does Victor pick Benji or Rahim?
Love, Victor season 3: Does Victor pick Benji or Rahim? Picture: Hulu

In the final episode of Love, Victor season 2, Benji has ended things with Victor. As a result, Victor decides to take Rahim to Mia's dad's wedding as a friend. However, during the evening, Rahim kisses Victor and reveals that he has feelings for him. Benji also shows up to tell Victor that he wants to get back with him but leaves after seeing Victor dancing with Rahim.

Victor then tells Felix what happened and that he doesn't know who he should be with. Felix then advises Victor to imagine who he envisions spending the rest of his life with and Victor says he knows who to pick. We then see Victor running from the wedding to ring the bell on someone's front door but the season ends before we find out who it is.

However, fans have been analysing the final setting in detail and they think that it proves that Victor chooses Benji. One fan tweeted: "Rahim’s house main entrance is located sideways towards the driveway and Benji’s house has a front entrance facing a street. So with the car passing back in the background, it has to be Benji’s house."

Another fan added: "Rahim's door is green I think. So maybe it's Benji's house in that last scene?" While a third said: "Rahim door don't have a bell tbh. i back to see it's definitely benji." Someone else pointed out: "Victor also ran and idk if yall remember but they ran 15 blocks for that ice cream truck during the summer park picnic."

In other words, all signs point to Benji for now. Given Victor's history with Benji, it seems likely that he would choose him, but he definitely had chemistry with Rahim, and it's possible that he wants to start a fresh relationship with no baggage. Could it be Rahim instead? Or could he be visiting one of them first to officially end things before seeing the other person?

As for the cast themselves, Michael Cimino (Victor) told EW: "I'm very torn. Part of me hopes it's Rahim because it would be fun to explore a new love story for Victor but also Benji and Victor is iconic." Meanwhile, George Sear (Benji) said: "I want him to be happy. It would be nice to see Victor and Benji continue this relationship. I'm rooting for them."

Surprisingly, Anthony Keyvan (Rahim) said: "I hope that Benji's on the other side of the door to be honest. I feel like Benji is owed a little bit of an explanation." However, he did add: "I don't think it's the end of Victor and Rahim's story."

As it stands, the cast do not know who has been chosen and it looks like we'll have to wait until season 3 to find out.

Are you Team Benji or Team Rahim?