Mark Ruffalo Spoiled The "Infinity War" Ending A Year Ago And No One Believed Him

2 May 2018, 16:02 | Updated: 8 August 2019, 12:20

Mark Ruffalo Spoiler Infinity War
Picture: Good Morning America/via Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

It wasn't a joke. He ACTUALLY spoiled the entire ending of the film. *SPOILERS, obviously*

It is a known fact that Mark Ruffalo aka Bruce Banner aka The Hulk aka the second purest Avenger in the game is a serial spoiler machine. Remember when he live-streamed a few minutes of Thor: Ragarok from his pocket to his millions of Instagram followers without knowing? Iconic. Truly.

Apparently, that was not the end of Mark's spoiler-y antics. Oh no. It turns out that he revealed one of the BIGGEST MCU spoilers of all time but not a single one of us even believed him. What did he do? He actually spoiled the end of Infinity War in broad daylight.


Back in July 2017, Mark and co-star Don Cheadle sat down with Good Morning America at the D23 Expo to talk about the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. That was a very bad mistake. When pressed about details of Ragnarok, Ruffalo decides to tease the ending of the film and even decides to compare it to the absolute carnage that NO ONE knew was about to come our way in Infinity War.

"Like, every other Marvel movie, it doesn't end well for the superheroes," he revealed about Ragnarok. And then he goes even further and says "Wait 'til you see this next movie - EVERYBODY DIES!"

Everyone immediately thought it was a bit. A joke that Ruffalo - who had already proven to be one of the most notorious spillers of top secret plot information alongside Tom Holland - had plotted with Cheadle in order to get everyone shook.

"It's a joke. If they were serious one of the reps from Marvel would've stepped in and ended the interview," someone said. "It's so fake, if it was real this would not be on the internet," said another. "Fakkeeeeeee," they all cried.

Watch the clip below and try not to cringe:

But it turns out, of course, it wasn't a joke at all. It was true. He genuinely revealed the end of the film. He genuinely felt so bad about it. And Don Cheadle's life genuinely flashed before his eyes. Rewatching that clip knowing it wasn't actually a joke might be more painful than THAT scene with your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Might be.

Never change, Ruffalo. Never change.

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