Marvel reportedly may rename the X-Men to be more gender inclusive

24 September 2021, 12:29

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By Sam Prance

Marvel are reportedly looking into ways to make the X-Men franchise more gender-inclusive.

Marvel are reportedly considering changing the name 'X-Men' when they finally introduce the beloved heroes into the MCU.

Marvel fans will already know that the X-Men and the Avengers exist in the same comic book universe. However, due to film rights, none of the X-Men have ever appeared in any of the Avengers films to date. Now, Marvel have reacquired the rights to put X-Men in their movies and there are plans to introduce them into the MCU universe in the not too distant future.

However, it's possible that the X-Men won't appear in the MCU under the same name in a bid to be more gender-inclusive.

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Marvel may change the name of X-Men to a gender neutral term
Marvel may change the name of X-Men to a gender neutral term. Picture: 20th Century Fox, Allstar Picture Library Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo

We Got This Covered claim that Marvel are looking into changing the name.

Talking to Nuke the Fridge about X-Men back in 2019, Marvel Studios’ President of Physical, Post Production, VFX, and Animation Victoria Alonso stated: "I don’t know where the future is going. It’s funny that people call it the X-Men, there’s a lot of female superheroes in that X-Men group, so I think it’s outdated."

There have even been references to the term being archaic in recent X-Men films. In X-Men: Dark Phoenix in 2019, Mystique said to Charles Xavier: "By the way, the women are always saving the men around here. You might want to think about changing the name to X-Women."


As to what the new name would be, if they were to change it, it's currently unclear. However, fans on Twitter have suggested everything from X-Them to Generation X.

Marvel are yet to state anything official on the matter themselves so we'll keep you posted with any updates.

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