McDonald's Have Gone Pop Punk, Are You Lovin' It?

17 July 2017, 09:45

mcdonalds pop punk
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The fast food joint's latest ad features some familiar music and stylings.

McDonald's latest advertising campaign seems to have one particular set of kids in mind - pop punk fans.

The new commercial for the fast food chain's "Big Flavour Wraps" sees a guy at the drive through window fall instantly in love with the Hayley Williams-esque figure making his lunch.

As you can see, our server has hair worthy of Good Dye Young, appropriately placed tattoos and even Josh Dun-esque eye shadow game.

mcdonalds ad

More importantly, the ad is set to the song "What Do I Get?" by The Buzzcocks, '70s rock legends and arguably the original creators of the pop punk genre.


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Plus, there is also a font reminiscent of The Sex Pistols' classic "Never Mind The Bollocks..." album used throughout.

sex pistols punk

A McDonald's ad campaign last year, also for the wraps, used similar ideas, but this new commercial has definitely amped up the pop punk flavour.

The ad has been met with quite a lot of criticism on Twitter, with many people offended by the use of punk imagery.


Although some people have clearly been won over...


So, what do we think guys? Is McDonald's ready to step up and take down Pizza as the pop punk junk food of choice?

Let us know your thoughts below.