365 Days' Michele Morrone says he didn't need an intimacy co-ordinator for his sex scenes

23 August 2022, 12:11

By Sam Prance

Michele Morrone has opened up about filming his 365 Days sex scenes.

365 Days actor Michele Morrone has stated that he didn't need an intimacy coordinator to film his sex scenes in the controversial movies.

Ever since the first 365 Days film debuted on Netflix in 2020, viewers haven't been able to stop talking about the franchise's wild sex scenes. From jaw-dropping oral sex scenes on private jets, to graphic sex montages on yachts, Michele Morrone (Massimo) and Anna-Maria Sieklucka (Laura) don't hold back when it comes to portraying sex and nudity in the Netflix trilogy.

Now, Michele Morrone has opened up about how the scenes are shot and whether or not he uses an intimacy coordinator.

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365 Days' Michele Morrone says he didn't need an intimacy co-ordinator for his sex scenes
365 Days' Michele Morrone says he didn't need an intimacy co-ordinator for his sex scenes. Picture: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Netflix, Netflix

All three 365 Days films had an intimacy coordinator. However, Michele has now said that he had no need for one. Chatting to Metro, he explained: "I did not need an intimacy coordinator to help me... Of course, it’s an important person to have on set for the other actors and for people who work backstage, it helps us all, but personally, no, I don’t need anyone."

Discussing it further, Michele added: "I like to build up a character and a scene the way I imagined it in my mind and how I like to work the script." As for his relationship with his co-star, he said: "Anna and I are really good friends. Each day I feel closer to her; we share advice and love each other."

Talking about their sex scenes on Instagram live back in 2020, Michele revealed: "It seems like real because we are good actors. We know how to fake. It wasn't real. I know that many people write me that, 'Oh my god, it was real. You guys, it looks real!' but at the same time, it wasn't real."

He also explained that they used prosthetics in the oral sex scenes to avoid any actual genital contact. He said: "It was awkward, but it was funny."


Explaining the intention behind the scenes, 365 Days cinematographer, Bartek Cierlica, previously told Variety: "We wanted the camera to be as much invisible as possible, to let them act, so indeed the takes were very, very long. We created the most intimate atmosphere we could for the actors. We reduced the on-set crew to an absolute minimum."

He added: "As it was handheld I was following their action, and trying to show their passion in a natural but beautiful way. We wanted this sex to be pretty authentic. We wanted the viewer to hear their whispers, heavy breaths and we wanted to show the sweat, passion. Be natural, authentic, but not to cross the border of pornography."

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