Millie Bobby Brown to play bisexual con artist in new Netflix film

29 July 2020, 16:54 | Updated: 2 June 2022, 10:42

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By Katie Louise Smith

Millie will star as Nora O'Malley, a bisexual con artist, in a film adaptation of Tess Sharpe's novel 'The Girls I've Been'.

Millie Bobby Brown is back at it again. And by 'it', we mean, the superstar is about to produce and star in yet another Netflix film.

In between filming for Stranger Things and Enola Holmes, Millie is now set to take on a brand new film for Netflix called The Girls I've Been, based on the Tess Sharpe novel of the same name.

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As reported by Deadline, Millie will play the role of Nora O'Malley in the thriller, a con artist who must use her powers of persuasion & impersonation to free herself, her girlfriend & ex-boyfriend from a bank hostage situation. Jason Bateman will also star and produce the film.

Millie Bobby Brown's next film role will be in Netflix's The Girls I've Been
Millie Bobby Brown's next film role will be in Netflix's The Girls I've Been. Picture: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

There's not much information about the film so far, but the book synopsis already sounds like it'll make an incredible YA movie: "Nora O’Malley is a lot of things. A sister. An ex. A secret girlfriend. Kind of crooked, but reformed… somewhat. Nora O’Malley’s been a lot of girls.

"As the daughter of a con-artist who targets criminal men, she grew up her mother’s protégée. But when mum fell for the mark instead of conning him, Nora pulled the ultimate con: escape. For five years she’s been playing at normal. But she needs to dust off the skills she ditched because she has three problems.

"One: her ex walked in on her with her girlfriend. Even though they’ve all been inseparable for months, Wes didn’t know about her and Iris. Two: The morning after, they all have to meet to deposit the fundraiser money they raised together. It’s a nightmare that goes from awkward to deadly. Because three: right after they get in the bank, two guys start robbing it.

"But they have no idea who they’re really holding hostage. The robbers are trouble. Nora’s something else entirely."

Tess Sharpe also shared tweets about the big news, and thanked Millie's fans for being so enthusiastic about the story and the character of Nora.

In response to the positive messages, Tess wrote: "I'm very touched by how happy y'all are to see wlw rep in a future movie" and in reply to one of Millie's fan, also said: "Bi rep is something that is super important to me as well and I feel very lucky that more people will get to know Nora this way!"

There's no release date for the movie just yet but the novel was released back in January 2021. So if you're already dying to know more about the character of Nora, and the story, you can already dive into Nora's story and read ahead for yourself.

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