Millie Bobby Brown Responds To Homophobic Memes At MTV Awards

19 June 2018, 11:14 | Updated: 19 June 2018, 11:22

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown. Picture: MTV / Netflix
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Queen Millie response is actually iconic.

Millie Bobby Brown has been having a tough time of it lately. Last year, fake stories and memes started to circulate about Millie being homophobic and violent to fans, and people even went as far to photoshop screenshots of racist, homophobic and body-shaming slurs to make it look like they had been written by Millie on her Twitter account.

The memes started appearing again more recently, and things got so bad Millie had to turn off the comments on her Instagram account and delete her Twitter account.

Now, Millie has responded to the bullying when she picked up the award for Best Performance in a show at the MTV Movie & TV Awards yesterday (June 19th) and it's absolutely savage.

Millie, who was sent a video message to accept her award as she was unable to attend due to a knee injury, decided to use her platform to speak out against bullying and told her fans: "if you need a reminder of how worthy you are and to rise above the hate, message me on Instagram."

Millie Bobby Brown’s Anti-Bullying Message | 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards

After thanking the cast and crew of Stranger Things, Millie turned on the bullies that have been circulating the homophobic memes online.

“Since I know there are many young people watching this — and even for the adults, too — they could probably use the reminder that I was taught: if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it,” Brown said in the video.

“There should be no space in this world for bullying, and I’m not going to tolerate it, and neither should any of you. If you need a reminder of how worthy you are and to rise above the hate, message me on Instagram."

Hallelujah to that! Millie has been doing incredibly important work as a anti-bullying advocate and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and it's great that she used this opportunity to confront the bullying she's been receiving online. It absolutely has to stop right now.

As a very wise drag queen once said, unless they paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind! Keep living your best life, Millie!