Evan Rachel Wood calls out Paris Hilton's comment on Millie Bobby Brown's Instagram

31 October 2019, 19:20 | Updated: 6 October 2020, 10:18

It all kicked off after Paris Hilton commented "That's hot" on Millie's recent post.

Another day, another Millie Bobby Brown Instagram photo where everyone just has to argue about it in the comments. This time, it was Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood who had something to say about a Paris Hilton Instagram comment that many thought was sexualising the Stranger Things teen.

Earlier this week (Oct 29), Millie posted a picture of herself wearing a pink leopard print mini dress to her grid on Instagram. The comments section immediately lit up with fans writing how much they loved her look.

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Paris then left a comment on the pic saying "That's hot" which was soon called out by Evan who replied to Paris' comment writing "She's 15."

The exchange has divided the internet. Some people have sided with Evan, agreeing that Paris' comment was an inappropriate thing to say about a 15-year-old and echoing the sentiment with comments directed at Paris like "she's a child..." and "you're almost 40 ma'am."

Others, however, have pointed out that Paris' iconic catchphrase doesn't actually mean that she's calling something or someone "hot."

"That's hot" is basically the same as saying something is cool or dope or gorgey. It was the way we all said "iconic" before "iconic" became such a thing. Paris would say "that's hot" in reply to just about anything. She'd say it about your house plants to be honest.

One Instagram user replied saying: "I'm screaming all these young kids are mad at you for saying that's hot cuz they're too young to know that was your phrase back in the day LOLLILOL."

The official Twitter account for fashion brand Alice + Olivia did later write "hot 🔥" under Millie's post which users have also called out in the replies.

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It's not the first time people have popped up in Millie's comment section to slam someone who is "sexualising" a picture of the teenager or shaming her for what she's wearing.

Millie previously responded to a troll who told her to "act her age" in the comments on another picture writing, "ik everyone on my last pic wants me to 'act my age' but quite frankly its my instagram and if i choose to post that picture and you don't like it...scroll past it."