One Of The Most Shocking Moments In 'Hereditary' Happened To Milly Shapiro In Real Life

23 June 2018, 15:46 | Updated: 23 June 2018, 19:10

Milly Shapiro
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The young actress made her film debut as Charlie in the summer's scariest film, 'Hereditary'.

Milly Shapiro is the 15-year-old break out star of the year's most compelling horror film, Hereditary. The actress is captivating as Charlie Graham, the youngest member of the doomed family at the centre of the film. Milly revealed recently that one incident portrayed in the film was actually pretty similar to something that happened to her in real life

Spoilers ahead, folks.

In Hereditary, one of the most panic inducing moments comes when Charlie accidentally ingests nuts which she is highly allergic to. Her allergy is signposted in the very beginning of the film when her EpiPen is referenced while at her grandmother's funeral.

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After ingesting the nuts, her throat begins to close up and she must be rushed to the nearest hospital. Before she can get there, she and her brother are involved in a gruesome accident that claims her life.

In an interview with ET, Milly revealed that she'd actually experienced an allergic reaction similar to that of her character's when she was younger.

"The thing that I was most worried about was the allergic reaction scene," she told the publication. "But I had actually had that type of an allergic reaction before -- because I'm highly allergic to red ants. I was, like, five or six, so I had an experience with it, which I thought was absolutely hilarious, that I was going to have to act that."

"But I was really nervous because I thought that I would get it wrong. I was just worried. Everyone was really great with helping me through it and Ari and I worked together to get the perfect breathing and action for it."

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We're glad Milly is okay!

The allergic reaction scene was one of the film's more nerve-wracking moments. Of course, Milly did a great job with it, but we can totally understand her nerves! Fans were on the edge of their seats during the tense scene and it's not every day that an actor gets to portray a real life incident that they've experienced.

Hereditary is Milly's first film and it's fair to say audiences were blown away by her performance.

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