"Black Mirror" Season 4: Release Date, Trailers, Episode Titles, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

28 November 2017, 16:13 | Updated: 7 December 2017, 09:19

By Katie Louise Smith

When is Black Mirror Season 4 on Netflix? What are the episode titles? Are there any trailers? Who is in the cast?

When is Black Mirror Season 4 released?

Black Mirror Season 4 will be released on Netflix on Friday December 29th.

How many episodes will be in Black Mirror season 4?

Like season 3, there will be SIX episodes in season 4.

What are the episode titles for Black Mirror season 4?

Episode 1: Arkangel

Episode 2: USS Callister

Episode 3: Crocodile

Episode 4: Hang The DJ

Episode 5: Metalhead

Episode 6: Black Museum

What actors are in Black Mirror season 4?

Jesse Plemons, Andrea Riseborough, Michaela Coel and Cristin Milioti are all part of the cast. There are no returning cast members.

For the full list of actors in each episode, click here.

Jodie Foster will be directing the first episode of the season, 'Arkangel'.

Black Mirror Season 4 USS Callister
Production still from 'USS Callister'. Picture: Netflix

Are there any trailers for Black Mirror season 4 yet?

Trailers for each episode are being released on Twitter one day at a time.

Here are the trailers for Arkangel and Crocodile.