This Netflix Email Hoax Just Tried To Scam 110 Million Users

7 November 2017, 15:14

Netflix Email Scam Trying To Steal Details
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Subscribers have been targeted for their login and payment details in the latest attack by hackers on the streaming service.

Netflix were faced with a major customer problem this week as a new email scam attempting to extract the details of more than 110 million of its users.

Deadline reports that the email contained the subject line "Your suspension notification" and links to a fake login page that asks for a user's login info and credit card details.

Mailguard also managed to take a screenshot of the image sent out:


The fake website set up by the hackers included the Netflix logo and imagery for series including The Crown and House Of Cards giving it an extra sense of legitimacy.

Thankfully, word soon spread on social media alerting users to the scam:


Basically, if you ain't sure about what's going on, don't click the link. Consider yourself warned, Netflix fans.