Netflix's new "torture" game show Flinch is dividing viewers

8 May 2019, 17:21

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Flinch, a new game show where contestants have to avoid flinching or face consequences, has some viewers calling the programme "televised torture".

Netflix has plenty of thrillers and edge of your seat reality shows that will have you feeling nervous for its contestants. The platform's latest reality programme, Flinch, officially has viewers conflicted over some of the wild and over the top challenges featured.

If you haven't seen Flinch yet, the premise is simple. On a remote farm in Ireland, contestants participate in a series of physical tasks. These tasks often require the contestants to endure loud sounds, live animals, and horrible smells. The key is, contestants absolutely cannot flinch or else they'll face a consequence.

On Flinch, the consequences might range from something fairly tame to, well, electrocution.

Though somewhat reminiscent of shows like Fear Factor, viewers are divided over whether Flinch is actually good, just "televised torture" or all of the above.

It's already been hilariously compared to Saw.


Do you want to play a game?

And, it's been called "televised torture".


Some people straight up hate it.

While others are finding Flinch rather entertaining.

Fans of the show are already wondering how to get onto season 2 of Flinch, assuming there is one. Anyone worried about the safety of Flinch's contestants need not fret. Netflix issues a warning at the start of each episode that assures viewers that stunts are "overseen by professionals."

What do you guys think? Would you ace this game show or flinch the whole time?