Netflix's Haunted 'The Slaughterhouse' episode has left fans with a ton of unanswered questions

22 October 2018, 14:16 | Updated: 22 October 2018, 14:21

Netflix Haunted episode 2 the slaughterhouse
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Why didn't they tell the police? Why did the grandson throw away the evidence?

Netflix has continued its streak of chilling new programming ahead of Halloween. In fact, The Haunting of Hill House is already being hailed as a near perfect execution of the horror TV genre. It's Netflix's latest storytelling series, Haunted, that has left audiences with more questions than answers.

Episode 2 of Haunted, 'The Slaughterhouse' has inspired a fair bit of healthy skepticism among viewers.

The show is billed as people telling paranormal stories about their lives, but viewers can't wrap their heads around a serial killing couple in Upstate New York that no one has ever heard of.

The first part of the episode is set in the early 70s and introduces a family whose mother and father had allegedly participated in the abduction and killings of individuals they called "strays". The storytellers explain that the father buried human remains around the woods near the property and that they believed that the killings had led to the house becoming haunted.

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In all of this, the storytellers do not give clear explanations about why, even after the father's death in the late 00s, they never went to the authorities with their tale.

One of the siblings did explain why they didn't tell authorities when they were kids. "You couldn't tell anybody. if you call the police, you might be giving your brothers and sisters death sentences."

The episode is haunting, but viewers are asking A LOT of questions.

In the episode, the grandson also says he threw out the items his serial killer grandfather collected from the victims. Viewers have pointed out that these personal items could have been used to identify victims in a police investigation.

A subreddit discussing the episode was also full of skeptics who were left with more questions than answers.

Reddit question haunted episode 2
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For those wondering, yes the story has apparently been passed on to the authorities.

A Twitter user who identifies themselves as an executive producer on the show answered a few fan questions and confirmed that they have passed on relevant information to the police.

Even if you're skeptical about some parts of the story, it goes without saying that the sad tale does need to be investigated by the relevant authorities.

What did you guys think of Haunted episode 2? Did it leave you spooked or have you asking a million different questions?