A Holidate sequel is already being planned

2 November 2020, 11:48

By Katie Louise Smith

Get ready for a Holidate sequel set in Australia.

Netflix officially kicked off the festive season with a Christmas romcom called Holidate last week (Oct 28).

Starring American Horror Story's Emma Roberts and Australian actor Luke Bracey, the film has soared to the top of the most-watched charts on the platform and people are absolutely living for Sloane (Roberts) and Jackson's (Bracey) strangers-to-friends-to-lovers relationship.

If you're desperate to see where their romance goes next, we've got some great news. In an interview with Vanity Fair, writer Tiffany Paulsen revealed that she already has plans for a Holidate sequel, with the working title: “Holimates: Holidate Down Under.”

Will there be a Holidate 2 on Netflix?

A Holidate sequel has been teased by the writer
A Holidate sequel has been teased by the writer. Picture: Netflix

At the end of the film, we see Sloane and Jackson head off to his native Australia to spend more time together, after falling in love. In the sequel, we could see what they get up to while they're there.

“I know exactly what that story will be and how we would explore it,” Paulsen told Vanity Fair. The sequel – if Netflix give it the go ahead – would focus on Sloane being a fish-out-of-water in Australia with Jackson's extended family, celebrating the holidays there.

Paulsen added: “I’m certainly hopeful. We hope that people love it and want to see more of this relationship. I think there’s so much more to explore with Sloane and Jackson, because they’ve barely dated. They go on 11 dates in a year, and there’s a lot to see where this goes. So we’ll cross our fingers.”

Will there be a Holidate sequel on Netflix?
Will there be a Holidate sequel on Netflix? Picture: Netflix

Thanks to the early success of Holidate on the streaming platform, there's a strong possibility that we'll eventually get to see a sequel. After all, Netflix love a Christmas franchise. We've already had three A Christmas Prince movies, and The Princess Switch 2 and 3 are on the way.

Already looking forward to spending Christmas 2021 in Aus with our new boyfrend Luke Bracey, tbh.