Netflix's new horror movie 'Velvet Buzzsaw' looks terrifying

14 January 2019, 19:17

By Katie Louise Smith

The new horror movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, will be released on Netflix on February 1st.

Is there anything better than a good Netflix horror movie? No, no there is not. From Bird Box to Gerald's Game and even down to The Haunting of Hill House, Netflix has been coming through with the horror content over the past few years and it looks like it's about to deliver another banger with Velvet Buzzsaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Velvet Buzzsaw stars Gyllenhaal as art dealer Morf Vandewalt alongside a cast including Rene Russo, Toni Collette (Hereditary's Queen of Horror), Zawe Ashton, Tom Sturridge, Stranger Things' Natalia Dyer, Daveed Diggs, Billy Magnussen and the iconic John Malkovich, fresh off his appearance in Bird Box. Here's hoping he escapes Netflix's next horror film with his life in tact this time.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Toni Collette in Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw
Jake Gyllenhaal and Toni Collette in Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw. Picture: Netflix

The premise is simple. After a series of creepy and haunting paintings by an unknown artist are discovered by Josephina (Ashton), a supernatural force enacts revenge on those who have allowed their greed to get in the way of art. Basically, the paintings come to life and attack people. Yes, it sounds wild but then again, so does an invisible monster that kills people who look at it and look where that ended up.

Velvet Buzzsaw will drop on Netflix on Friday, February 1st 2019. So if you're looking for your next dose of horror, we'll see you there...