The first trailer for Netflix’s Wednesday is here and I'm already obsessed

17 August 2022, 16:01 | Updated: 31 August 2022, 16:56

Watch Netflix’s Wednesday Addams trailer starring Jenna Ortega

By Katie Louise Smith

Jenna Ortega is pretty much perfect as Wednesday Addams in the new Tim Burton-directed Netflix series.

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The wait for Wednesday is almost over! The first trailer for Netflix's new Wednesday Addams series, directed by Tim Burton, is finally here – and it already looks like our next TV obsession.

Jenna Ortega stars as the titular Wednesday, bringing a fresh teenage take on the gloomy icon to the screen. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán will portray everyone's fave spooky married couple Morticia and Gomez Addams, while Isaac Ordonez will bring Wednesday's little brother Pugsley to life.

Christina Ricci, who famously played Wednesday Addams in the 1991 and 1993 movies, will also have a role in the new Netflix series, but her character is still under wraps for now.

Watch the full trailer for Netflix's Wednesday above

Netflix's Wednesday trailer: Watch Jenna Ortega and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Wednesday and Morticia
Netflix's Wednesday trailer: Watch Jenna Ortega and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Wednesday and Morticia. Picture: Netflix

After unleashing a school of piranhas into a swimming pool full of water polo players who "tortured" her brother Pugsley, Wednesday Addams gets expelled and is transferred to Nevermore Academy - her eighth school in five years.

The trailer then teases Wednesday's new life at the perfectly gothic academy, as she teases: "Little did I know I'd be stepping into a nightmare, full of mystery, mayhem and murder. I think I'm going to love it here."

Fans also get to see a glimpse of the glamorous Morticia Addams in action, as well as Gomez Addams, headmistress Larissa Weems (played by Gwendoline Christie) and, of course, Thing.

Still no mention of Uncle Fester, though? Where the hell is he?

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Watch Jenna Ortega transform into Wednesday Addams

Wednesday is "coming-of-age supernatural mystery comedy," focusing on Wednesday as she navigates her new life as a student at Nevermore. The series will follow Wednesday as she "attempts to master her psychic powers, stop a monstrous killing spree of the town citizens, and solve the supernatural mystery that affected her family 25 years ago".

Speaking to Vanity Fair, creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough have teased that the new series (directed by Burton) will be its own thing: "It’s not trying to be the movies or the ’60s TV show. That was very important to us and very important to Tim."

The character of Wednesday is a little different too. While she's still iconically morbid and pessimistic, she's not a little kid anymore. "The relationship that kind of hangs over the season is really Wednesday’s relationship with Morticia," Gough says. "How do you step out of the shadow of a mother as glamorous as Morticia?"

There's still no confirmed release date for Wednesday yet, but you can expect to see the show at some point in Fall 2022. Just in time for Halloween, perhaps? *snap, snap*

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