Have These New "American Horror Story" Trailers Just Confirmed A Popular Fan Theory?

16 August 2016, 13:34 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 10:33

AHS Aliens Season 6
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Honestly, you're sending us such mixed messages here AHS.

As we're all pretty aware by now, "American Horror Story" has been playing us for fools. A few weeks ago, they released six teaser trailers for the upcoming sixth season. Everyone went crazy over them. Then the CEO of FX confirmed that all but ONE were actually decoys. How dare he?

FX / via giphy.com

However, since that statement, FX have released ANOTHER six trailers to throw us even further off the scent. Only this time, they're different. This time, they're getting personal.

The new trailers that have dropped all play on common tropes that have been seen throughout the Horror movie genre. From green slimy lagoon creatures to the gothic aesthetics of Nosferatu, it's pretty clear that they're giving us every possible option. But they've now had the audacity to start teasing us by bringing actual popular fan theories to life, more specially with the notion of space and extraterrestrial activity.



If you're a fan of AHS, you'll know about inclusion of aliens within the six seasons; they were first seen in "Asylum" and then implied in "Freak Show". Even though Ryan Murphy has said a categorical "NO!" toward the idea of the show being set in Space, what if these trailers are actually hinting at a theme bigger than Space? (If that's at all possible.)

FX / via giphy.com

We can all agree that AHS: Space is not happening but what about... AHS: Invasion? There's a pretty convincing fan theory that has been circulating around Reddit for a few days now and we're starting to believe it.

Think about the one common theme that holds all these trailers together - invasion. Invasion of a thick, dense fog. Invasion of bugs like a plague. Invasion of a mental disease that hangs around like a shadow. And of course, actual alien invasion. Seriously, sit the heck down and read the theory. You'll be convinced in no time. 

So, maybe aliens ARE back on the table? Their storyline is far from over, after all. Or maybe we're all just trying to beat Ryan at his own game and reading way too much into this? Is it September 14th yet? Ugh.

PopBuzz / FX / via giphy.com