'New Girl's Jake Johnson Just Shared His Thoughts On The Final Season

9 June 2017, 12:30 | Updated: 9 June 2017, 12:37

James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Turns out the actor has some pretty wild ideas for the last few episodes of the hit sitcom.

New Girl star Jake Johnson has revealed what he would like to see happen to his character of Nick Miller as the show enters its final season.

Jake was in the PopBuzz studio alongside his The Mummy costar Annabelle Wallis for this week's podcast when we asked if there were any plotlines he had in mind to Nick before the show wraps up.

And it turn out, he has the weirdest (and funniest) idea imaginable all ready to go:

"You know Max Greenfield who plays Schmidt wrote me an email that I got this morning that I thought was really funny, that he wrote to all the executives including Liz Merriweather our creator, that he wants them to find what they think are dinosaur bones in his backyard. And I help raise his baby because we have to find these dinosaur bones. We spend the whole season digging and it turns out that they're chicken bones but we realise there's an unbreakable bond."

Will we get a whole season of 'Nick & Schmidt: Dinosaur Hunters'? We hope so...

You can hear our entire interview with Jake and Annabelle on this week's PopBuzz Podcast. Click here to subscribe on iTunes or listen via the Soundcloud link below: